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OMNIS© Entertainment is proud to present our newest product, fresh from the bio-vats and covered in stupendous glory, its the OMNIS© POWERGLOVE! Explore the inner mechanisms of this marvelous life-changing device in our informative video! Hosted by everyone’s favorite talking robot dog, Scrappo!

My latest spontaneous animation thingy, a collaboration with Theresa Latzko (backgrounds), music by Jacob Sluka, and the super sped up voice of Ben Reicher as Scrappo! Probably one of the fastest shorts I’ve ever made, from writing the script to the final bits of animation and compositing, it took a total of 3 days. Its amazing what one can accomplish when not sleeping and trying to make a seemingly impossible deadline!

Also, The Great Morano, the film I’ve been working on for a good portion of this semester, will still be completed as soon as I free up some time to work on it. So stay tuned! That along with another mystery short will be uploaded soon…

OMNIS© Corporation presents the brand new OMNIS© Powerglove! The state-of-the-art in bio-mechanical technology! New OMNIS informative film depicting the wonders of the OMNIS© Powerglove to be released soon, starring the OMNIS© mascot and CEO, Scrappo the adorable cartoon robot dog! Stay tuned consumers!

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